Boca Florist Most Popular Flowers And Floral Arrangements

Your local Boca florist is certain to have the most popular flowers available. The definition of the most popular flowers and floral arrangements might be different. Because some flowers are selected for their fragrance, others for their color and still others for their size or shape, popular flowers individually may not be as well received in floral arrangements.

The occasion for which flowers are selected can affect the popularity as well. For example, flowers popular for a Christmas party would probably by the poinsettia, while a white lily is often selected for a funeral arrangement. In any event, your Boca florist will be able to satisfy your flower needs.

When In Doubt, Ask Your Boca Florist About Roses

The rose is the most popular flower in the world and is used in many floral arrangements as well. The list of top romantic flowers, available from a Boca florist, in order includes daisies, tulips, lilies, orchids, carnations, lilacs, gardenias, sunflowers and irises.

Most of these flowers, which are available from Boca Raton florists, offer a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Sophisticated floral arrangements usually will have colors that blend or contrast, but in a tasteful way. They may reflect a theme that is commonly associated with a season. Ask your Boca Raton florist for recommendations.

A Boca Florist Can Create An Arrangement Based On One Major Flower

Often, a Boca florist will use a single major flower as the basis for the flower arrangement. Smaller flowers may serve as filler for an arrangement of large or showy blossoms. Other arrangements, assembled by your Boca Raton flowers retailer, will take advantage of flowers in bud stage along with a mature or fully opened blossom.

Ask Your Boca Florist About Flower Scents

When choosing flowers from Boca florists for an arrangement, you should be aware of the scents. Two very strongly fragrant flowers in an arrangement can be in conflict with each other. Choose a scent theme as well as a color theme when building a flower arrangement.

During Victorian times, there was an entire language developed based on commonly understood meanings and messages attached to flowers. The language of flowers is known as floriography. It allowed individuals to send messages in code so that feelings and emotions could be expressed without saying the words that a reserved society would not speak.

A small flower arrangement, known as a bouquet, posey, nosegay or tussie-mussie was a popular way of expressing these messages. Floriography can still be spoken today. The different colors of roses have a definite meaning.

A Boca Florist Can Match The Flower To The Message You Want To Convey

Most people realize that red roses signify passionate and romantic love at the deepest level. Pink roses have a less intense connotation. White roses symbolize pure and chaste love, while yellow roses indicate friendship.

Daisies also reflect innocence and pure love and loyalty, but red daisies indicate the recipient is beautiful and doesn’t realize it. Red tulips show a romantic love, but yellow tulips show that the love is hopeless. White lilies speak of purity; orange lilies indicate passion or desire.

boca floristHaving your Boca flowers boutique send an orchid to someone indicates recognition of refined beauty. Carnations come in a whole range of colors and they can express a whole range of emotions. Striped carnations show refusal, while yellow blooms mean rejection or disdain. Purple carnations reflect a capriciousness or whimsical nature.

You can research the most popular flowers and floral arrangements and put together your own coded messages to a friend, romantic interest or family member. Or, you can just ask your Boca florist for assistance.

If the concept is new to the other person, it’s a great icebreaker. By choosing your flowers carefully, you can make a statement without saying a word. And by all means take advantage of the experience freely available from your Boca florist.